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June 20, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
So far I think the libraries feature in Win7 is about as stupid as it gets...the header is wasted space,but at least we can skin it now.

I decided to try and find a use for this feature so it would seem useful. I dont see how its different in ANY way from using shortcuts to ANY damn location on ANY hardrive I can make your own folder full of shortcuts and call it a 'library'.



So...I try to use it and as soon as I use the arrange by drop down set to anything...
April 14, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
I would like to ask them site codin' people to put the other 2 screenshots under the main thumbnail like the soon to be old site has them.

I had to make 3 screens,1 for each OS because the upload balked at a single screenshot of 1920x3600.Only the main 1 for win7 is showing on the beta site.

Even better would be to show all 3 thumbnails the same size...but that might be being greedy. I hoped people could see all 3 screens because not only did they show specific operating systems but the di...
April 12, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
A followup to my wildly popular Put some XP back in Vista and Win7 post

Here is another cute one regarding cascading all programs menu like in XP.

Some of us miss that in Vista and Win7...tho I've gotten used to a scrolling all programs menu I dont necessarily like it.

So look at the picture,its pretty simple to do...only requires one cascading menu on the right side of the start menu.Administrative tools will do as well as...
April 3, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
Been seeing this for awhile...when switching taskbar from vert to horz(or viceyvercey)...the QL buttons dont change to the ones assigned to that particular config.

Its like they are stuck  on whatever config was last used.They do correct themselves if you re-apply the skin but some users might not know to do that and just think your a lousy skinner...cant have that.


Rebooting of course allows them to be correct...til you switch taskbars again.7,Vista and XP all do this I th...
March 21, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
What many pc users didnt like most about Vista was the way MS changed some of the functionality in the UI.(seemingly just to make sure you knew it was different)

Most annoyingly the UP and DELETE buttons were gone and we were left with a non-configurable command bar with a bunch of near useless commands.

A developer at source forge,Ibeltchev,has made a FANTASTIC toolbar addon that fixes a lot of what I hated about the changes.

You can even add the icon and titlebar text back.The status ...
March 20, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
I might be crazy,but I aint blind...will anybody tell me where Win 7 would use the toolbar-like buttons  we skinned in XP for the file edit view etc...buttons.

In Vista and 7 those buttons are not using the same ones as XP.

So where in the OS(or some program) would those toolbar-like images be used?
March 6, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
The preview and thumbnail for Plasmatron XP is showing the old version...NOT what I want people to see.(the updated blind is much different)


Should look like this.


Sometimes its correct...sometimes not...mostly not.

I tried logging off and clearing my cache but I still see the old one (mostly on the beta site)


help meeeee...
February 25, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
Having a small problem with windows and apps not opening fullscreen.

They will go fullscreen only if I restore them and max them again.

They dont use my frame cutoff settings til then.

WB7,XP,bitmap frames,latest nvidia drivers,8600gt. (animated frames)
February 15, 2010 by I.R. Brainiac
I was getting really tired of searching google and seeing results from the same crap sites that mostly never even had content even related to what I was looking for.

They have just grabbed ahold of any keywords and hope your dumb enough to click on their link. (like some warezseeker bullshit)

You could type in 'green dog paw' and they would be green dog paw free!

With Optimize Google you can at least wildcard their site and you wont have to read past them anymore.

February 27, 2009 by I.R. Brainiac
My OD ultimate sub expired on feb 20...I opened impulse but it wont let me download anything...not even older versions.


Anything I try to get just pops up and tells me my account is invalid.

I wanted to try Descapes for is dated before my expiration date but it wont let me.I figured the date could be wrong for the XP version so I tried iconX...a version of that should always be available to least the latest version available before my sub expired.

I tried the s...
February 19, 2007 by I.R. Brainiac
I just recently started using WinFX again and here is what I see.

I thought the prog had a checkbox for 'follow window shape' or something like that.